+5 dBi Antenna for Dani and Streetheart
+5 dBi Antenna for Dani and Streetheart

+5 dBi Antenna for Dani and Streetheart

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  • Both Dani (SKAA / SKAA Pro transmitter) and Streetheart (SKAA / SKAA Pro receiver) ship with an included +2 dBi SMA antenna
  • If you need to extend the range of your Dani / Streetheart, you can purchase this +5 dBi replacement antenna which is guaranteed to work optimally with your Dani or Streetheart device
  • Effective RF frequency range:  2.400 GHz — 2.483 GHz
  • 50 ohm impedance
  • SMA reliable screw-on connection
  • Easy install and removal from Dani and Streetheart SKAA devices
  • Features +5 dB of antenna gain
  • Typical reliable range when used with Dani / Streetheart = 80 meters / 260 feet
  • NOTE:  your actual reliable range will depend on the quality and gain of the antennas on BOTH sides of your system (both the transmitter and receiver factor into the actual range you’ll experience)
  • IMPORTANT:  all antennas used with Dani and Streetheart should always be removed (unscrewed by turning counter clockwise) prior to transport — this protects both the SMA mounting stud (VERY IMPORTANT) on your Dani / Streetheart and the antenna itself from damage!
  • For best results, read and follow your Dani / Streetheart Owner’s Manual — specifically the antenna section — to get the most from your new antenna
  • NOTE:  if you simply need to replace the antenna which originally came with your Dani / Streetheart — for instance if it was lost or damaged — see the +2dBi antennas also available from SKAAstore.com