Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver
Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver

Streetheart | SKAA Pro™ Receiver

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  • SKAA/SKAA Pro dual-mode Receiver
  • Boasts 50-meter range, Burr-Brown DACs, balanced/unbalanced line-level outputs, and Headphone jacks
  • Pro-grade SKAA wireless audio.  100% Bluetooth-free.  100% WiFi free.
  • The perfect companion to the Dani SKAA/SKAA Pro Transmitter
  • Works with all SKAA Transmitters, all SKAA Pro Transmitters, and all SKAA Nadja Hubs
  • Designed specifically to upgrade virtually any piece of sink-side pro audio gear to SKAA/SKAA Pro wireless
  • Perfect for upgrading your amplifiers, powered speakers, and wired headphones to lightning-fast SKAA wireless
  • Pair with a Dani transmitter to replace long XLR or TRS cable runs
  • Receives two discrete audio channels and outputs them on four ¼ jacks (2 output jacks per audio channel)

Part# PL5581 

What Can It Do?

  • Need to add an extra pair of monitor speakers to the “band room” in your studio?  Upgrade a pair of Focal, Dynaudio, Adam, Genelec, KRK, or Yamaha powered monitors with a single Streetheart to fill that remote room with low-latency audio from your control room.
  • Love your Mackie, JBL, EV, Alto or QSC powered PA speakers?  Great — convert them to lightning-fast SKAA wireless by adding Streetheart.
  • Love your Soundboks Gen 3 speakers (with SKAA built in) but want to add SKAA wireless capability to your older Soundboks Gen 2 speakers?  Just add a Streetheart to those Gen 2s.
  • Want to add a battery-operated wireless subwoofer to your Soundboks network?  Convert a powered sub into a SKAA wireless sub just by adding Streetheart.
  • Use the level control knob to turn down the blistering output of Streetheart and you can feed consumer-grade gear like bookshelf speakers or your home theatre system.
  • Feed up to 4 Streetheart Receivers from any SKAA Transmitter (at 36 ms latency) … this is the best general-purpose mode
  • Feed up to 2 Streetheart Receivers from any SKAA Pro Transmitter (at 19 ms latency) … great for singing, guitar playing, lightning fast scratching and finger drumming
  • Outputs 1 and 2 can be used for Left / Right audio, or, to handle  two completely unrelated signals (for example, FRONT OF HOUSE on Out 1 and FLOOR MONITORS on Out 2)
  • Got XLR balanced line-level inputs on your amps or powered speakers?  Perfect.  Just use two ¼ TRS to XLR-M balanced cables to feed your gear from Streetheart.
  • Want to use unbalanced TS cables?  No problem, just plug into Lower Outs 1 & 2 ¼ jacks which support both balanced and unbalanced line-level connections.
  • Pad switch lets you reduce the output on Upper Out 1 by 6 dB or 12 dB just in case you need to feed a device with a reduced signal level
  • When using Headphone Outs, the person plugged into Headphone Out 1 can opt to listen quieter by engaging the Pad
  • Change Outs 1 & 2 to Headphone jacks by engaging the Headphone Switch (meanwhile the Lower Outs 1 & 2 remain bonafide pro-level balanced line outs)
  • Set the Pad to -12 dB and plug your Headphones into Out 1 to check your incoming audio before powering on your connected amps / speakers
  • Headphone outs make a perfect live room headphone cue mix setup
  • Perfect for creating a wireless Headphone cue mix system for your studio
  • Engage the Split Switch to listen to program 1 audio only on Headphone 1 and program 2 audio only on Headphone 2 — that’s two separate headphone cue mixes from a single Streetheart !  Need four separate cue mixes?  Just use two Streethearts.
  • Supports SKAA Differential mode Transmitters such as the Valerie Mk2 microphone and Jacqueline guitar Transmitter


  • Four ¼ TRS balanced line-level outputs
  • Up to 50-meter reliable indoor range with the included +2 dBi antenna (note that your actual range will depend also on the antenna implementation in the transmit-side device)
  • Legendary Burr-Brown digital to analog converters — nothing but the best
  • Proper +16 dBu output levels to ensure you can get the max wattage from your connected gear
  • Feed signal-hungry 19” rack amplifiers (any brand) — feed up to 4 separate amplifiers from a single Streetheart Receiver
  • Feed up to two pairs of headphones
  • Works with all headphones having 32 ohms impedance or higher
  • 30-step local Volume control for all four outputs
  • Local Mute control for all four outputs
  • 12 hour run time from a full charge using Streetheart's internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Streetheart’s 18650 Li-Ion battery is user-replaceable so your Streetheart won’t become a useless brick in the future
  • Streetheart charges from any USB power source (virtually any USB phone charger with a Type A jack will work) — use the included Type A to Type C cable to connect your charger to the Type C charging port on Streetheart’s User Panel
  • Streetheart can receive and charge via USB at the same time
  • Fast charging is supported when a 2A (or better) capable USB power adapter is used
  • Fuel gauge tells you how much battery life remains — last bar will start to slow flash when you’ve got 45 minutes left
  • Auto powers off when the battery reaches empty
  • SKAA Bond Button and Bond Indicator enable all of SKAA’s Bonding functions — they enable you to select any SKAA Transmitter you wish to listen to, and, to remember up to 10 Favourite Transmitters in Streetheart’s Green List.  Download the complete SKAA Receiver User’s Guide from


  • For how-to Youtube videos, please subscribe to our channel click here
  • For more information on Dillinger Labs, click here
  • For product use diagrams, check out the Streetheart Owner's Manual



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Edgar cruz
Great receiver

Using it to expand my wedding dj PA excellent sound can’t even detect the latency just outperformed my Alto system

I will definitely order more receivers
Although I have to mention on my receiver one of the battery lights doesn’t work the one that supposed to blink at mono mode. Not a deal breaker for me as it receives amazing clear sound
Glad I found this company


Best receiver for wireless audio. Picked up second one for having two satellite speakers

Drew Wash
My favorite DJ Product

This has been a game changer and makes setup and my gigs easier

Paper P.
Perfect pair!

As I mentioned in my transmitter review, the tech allows me to “wireless” any pair of headphones.

The installation is seemless and the hardware performs when it has to. Definitely pro-grade from feel to quality.

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