The SKAA Wireless Battery Powered Sub


The world’s first SKAA Pro battery subwoofer for mobile PA

Works with all SKAA Transmitters, all SKAA Pro Transmitters, and all SKAA Nadja Hubs including Soundboks 3, 4 and Go


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Death From Below
Death From Below
Death From Below
Death From Below
Death From Below
Death From Below

Death From Below

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  • The world’s first SKAA Pro battery subwoofer for mobile PA
  • Designed by Dillinger Labs in Canada
  • Works with all SKAA Transmitters, all SKAA Pro Transmitters, and all SKAA Nadja Hubs including Soundboks 3, 4 and Go
  • Pro-grade SKAA wireless audio. 100% Bluetooth-free. 100% WiFi free.
  • Use up to 4 SKAA receivers (any combination of Death from Below and any other SKAA receivers) at the same time with any one SKAA transmitter
  • Remembers up to 10 of your favourite transmitters
  • Low latency — great for live performance
  • 5 EQ presets, easily selectable by the user at any time from the front panel
  • 2 x 8” woofers optimized for subwoofer bass frequencies and battery operation
  • Includes 1 3/8" Pole bushing for getting your gear off the ground

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Part No. PL5586

What Can It Do?

  • We didn’t just take an AC-powered sub and strap a battery on it — DFB is built and optimized from the ground up to be a battery speaker.   In the world of battery speakers, bags of Watts is actually a bad thing.  Imagine how long a 115 Wh battery would power a 3600 W speaker … 115/3600 = 0.03 hours.  Even once you consider the crest factor, you still end up at 0.38 hours (23 minutes).  Would you buy that speaker?   Yeah no — the same rules don’t apply.  The challenge is how to take an amp rating like 144W and translate it into paint peeling SPL output — killer real world volume that rivals the 3600 W monster.   It sounds like magic but it’s a carefully choreographed dance of cutting edge electrical, acoustical and battery engineering which makes DFB awesome.  Make no mistake, DFB’s first impression on people is, almost invariably, “That thing is f*cking loud!”.  Maybe it IS like magic.
  • A built-in bank of 3 ultra-fast film capacitors and 5 beefy electrolytic caps jacks up DFB’s performance by giving its amps instant access to energy when needed; that is, by ensuring the amps are never starved for power — the resulting enhanced impulse response is what’s behind DFB’s extra-ballsy bass punch.  Double the punch with no battery life hit — nice.
  • Choose from 6 epic EQ presets including one specifically tuned for use with popular Soundboks speakers
  • Set DFB’s Audio Routing to LEFT, RIGHT or MONO MIX — yes, this means you can set up 2 DFBs as stereo subs if that’s what you want
  • Dual tuned ports extend DFB’s bass down to 35 Hz and maximize SPL output
  • Steel grills suck.  They’re real heavy and BLOCK 30-40% of their surface area with metal material.  They’re a ball & chain on driver cone dynamics and what’s worse, they waste battery energy.  Rather than subscribing to this industry-accepted insanity, DFB’s light-weight aluminum vanes enable 99% unencumbered airflow to and from the drivers and ports.  DFB actually ships with 4 vanes for extra protection.
  • Charge the internal battery and play DFB at full volume at the same time
  • Internal battery charges from empty to full in 2.5 hours using the included 125W brick power supply
  • DFB's battery fuel gauge LED stack displays battery life remaining — the bottom LED starts to slow flash when you’ve got 45 minutes left
  • A system with two DFBs and two Soundboks 4s pole mounted atop the DFBs is an ideal setup for the gigging mobile DJ
  • The above setup can be fed directly from the DJ deck by using a Dani SKAA transmitter, or alternatively, the DJ Deck can be XLR wired to one of the Soundboks 4s which in turn, can feed the remaining 3 speakers wirelessly via SKAA.
  • Ultra-simple 1-knob operation; yeah there’s an Owner’s Manual, but you won’t need to read it.  Just set your Soundboks to Host mode and start peeling the paint.
  • Mega flexible — when you do finally crack open the Owner’s Manual, you’ll find over 60 “sweet hookups”; more than 60 cool ways to use your DFB laid out in easy-to-understand hookup diagrams
  • 5 of 6 of DFB’s birch plywood walls are featureless — so 5/6 walls are pretty much impervious to impact damage
  • Gorgeous and robust speckle-paint matte black finish — yes, the classy one — it’s beautiful, tough and LIGHTWEIGHT
  • DFB’s massive, thick honey-comb rubber feet compress to prevent DFB from wobbling regardless of how uneven a surface DFB is placed on
  • Big rubber feet on its back wall protect the cabinet during transport and storage
  • Pop an industry-standard 1 3/8” (35mm) pole (not included) into DFB's bushing and loft a Soundboks 3, 4, Go or virtually any other powered speaker up top — no tripod stand needed
  • With its massive welded-steel 4” deep pole bushing, ultra wide stance and anti-wobble rubber feet, DFB is a mega-stable pole base for your Soundboks or other pro-grade full-range top speaker
  • Two monkey grip handles enable serious manhandling while literally reducing DFB’s weight at the same time
  • Weather resistant — DFB is good to go, regardless of where and when your gig is happening
  • Gorgeous 3mm powder-coated aluminum User Interface panel — it’s hefty to make DFB tough, and it doubles as a massive heat sink for DFB’s audio amplifiers.  With a heat sink this big, DFB can actually deliver the full rated amplifier wattage to your cottage.
  • Feed DFB from Dani transmitters, Soundboks 3, 4 & Go speakers, other SKAA Nadja Hub speakers, as well as any of the many types of SKAA /SKAA Pro transmitters found on
  • DFB is not just for Soundboks. Use DFB to complement virtually any full-range PA speaker.  Also, any powered speaker (QSC, JBL, EV, Mackie, etc.) can be converted to SKAA wireless just by adding a pro receiver such as Streetheart by Dillinger Labs


    • Inputs: SKAA / SKAA Pro (auto switching; automatically follows the transmitter class)
    • Works with all SKAA/SKAA Pro sources including Dani Pro transmitters and all SKAA Hub speakers (for example, Soundboks 3, 4, & Go)
    • Wireless Range: Up to 50-meter reliable range (actual range will depend also on the antenna implementation in the transmit-side device)
    • Woofer: 2 x 8" Low Frequency Drivers, each with dedicated amplifier
    • Amplifier Type:  Multilevel Class D x 2
    • Amplifier Power: 144 WRMS (2 x 72W Infineon Merus Ultra-Efficient Multi-Level D-amps)
    • Amp Heat Sink:  direct connect 215 x 130 x 3 external aluminum plate
    • Acoustical Max Level: 122dB
    • Volume:  30-step local control plus global control
    • Punch Enhancement: 3 x  Film Capacitors + 5 x Low ESR Electrolytic Capacitors
    • 6 EQ Presets (with 1 tuned specifically for popular Soundboks full-range speakers)
    • Dual Bass Reflex Ports
    • DSP:  Analog Devices DSP provides filtering, EQ and pop-free live switching of user EQ presets
    • SNR:  91dB A-weighted
    • Frequency Response @ 3dB: 25Hz - 180Hz
    • Power/Gear button
    • Power LED
    • Bond Button
    • Bond Indicator
    • 30-step Volume rotary encoder
    • Battery Fuel Gauge (5 LED stack)
    • EQ preset select (Wide, Outdoor, SB++, Punch, Tight, Bottom)
    • Audio Routing select (L, R or Mono Mix)
    • Time Alignment select (Phase Flip, 2ms, 4ms, 7ms, 11ms delays)
    • Works with (optional) SKAA cmd (free app) when used with Diz, Ursula, and Cassandra Transmitters
    • Internal Battery: 115 Wh, 12-cell 18650 Li-ION
    • Battery Life: Up to 40 Hours at regular listening volume
    • Charge Time: Charge from empty to full in 2.5 Hours
    • Brick Power Supply: 26V 125W (included)
    • Charge the battery and play DFB at full volume at the same time
    • Build: 12mm (1/2") Birch Plywood
    • Pole Bushing: 1 3/8" (35mm) x 4" deep welded steel (pole not included)
    • Weight: 15.5 kg (34 pounds)
    • Dual monkey grip handles
    • Self-levelling honeycomb-cell soft rubber feet x4
    • Rear wall rubber feet x4
      Dimensions (without feet):
      • 25 × 61.7 × 47.5 cm  (H × W × D)
      • 9.8 × 24.3 × 18.7 inches (H × W × D)
      Dimensions (with feet):
      • 27.4 × 61.7 ×  49.5 cm  (H × W × D) 
      • 10.8 × 24.3 × 19.5 inches (H × W × D)


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      • To download the Death From Below Manual, click here


      Customer Reviews

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      Solid sub sounds good with a soundboks 3


      One word: “Woah.”
      An incredible amount of power for such a small sub. Hits a deep frequency with ease.


      Dillinger Labs Death From Below


      Dillinger Labs Death From Below

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