Rush | Mini Analog Receiver
Rush | Mini Analog Receiver
Rush | Mini Analog Receiver
Rush | Mini Analog Receiver
Rush | Mini Analog Receiver

Rush | Mini Analog Receiver

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  • SKAA mini analog receiver
  • 3.5mm stereo audio output jack
  • Use with AUX-in devices and headphones
  • Use with Line input on Amps to turn existing stereo systems wireless. 
  • Use with powered speakers, live monitors, studio monitors to turn those speakers and monitors wireless. 
  • Upgrade your car to be wireless. 
  • Use with battery pack and headphones to make them wireless
  • Use up to 4 receivers at the same time with any SKAA transmitter
  • Remembers up to 10 of your favourite transmitters
  • No pairing, instead use Bond Button for easy transmitter selection

Part# PL5572/R2003


  • 35 m indoor range
  • Volume control +/- buttons
  • Low latency, great for watching movies, TV, and playing games
  • Power from any USB port
  • Works with SKAA cmd (optional app) when used with Ursula, DizGemma, or Cassandra transmitters
  • Ships with SKAA OS 2.5 - use up to two receivers at 19ms of latency, or up to 4 receivers at 36ms of latency. Works with all transmitters running SKAA OS 2.1 or newer (if you’re not sure what version you have, go to TLC, send us a note, and just ask)


  • For how-to Youtube videos, please subscribe to our channel here

Pairs well with

Don't just take our word for it


"Honestly SKAA is so easy, even the people that aren't "techy" can use it!

Sarah H.

Austin, TX


"This NEEDS to be built into every phone in the world! SKAA is the ONLY way I share audio now!"

Jake M.

Los Angeles, CA


"My backyard has to be the best in the neighborhood! SKAA wireless is perfect! "

Jesse M.

Edmonton, AB


"If you are on the fence about SKAA, just know that all those times fighting Bluetooth will be no more!"

Rory C.

Dublin, IE


"My focus is creating and performing my music , with SKAA I have extra time for sound checks thanks to NO MORE WIRES!"

Creeasian ~ Pro Artist

Edmonton, AB


"I loathe BT and WiFi with bad networks and pairing - SKAA has solved everything!"

Jessica B

San Diego, CA

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