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Wet Sounds

Founded In 2005 By A Team of Highly Skilled Audio Veterans, Wet Sounds Is an Award-Winning, Texas-Based Audio Company.

Bringing a level of performance, style, and durability unparalleled in the audio industry, Wet Sounds’ marine, powersports, outdoor home, and lifestyle stereo systems and equipment provide crisp, high-quality audio that’s designed to be heard in the toughest environments whether your wake surfing on the lake, catching that big one off the coast, or enjoying some time with friends and family. Wet Sounds provides the audio soundtrack for all of life’s adventures.

A-Link Plus | Hybrid Receiver / Transmitter Pair
A-Link Plus | Hybrid Receiver / Transmitter Pair
A-Link Plus | Hybrid Receiver / Transmitter Pair
A-Link Plus | Hybrid Receiver / Transmitter Pair

A-Link Plus | Hybrid Receiver / Transmitter Pair

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  • Ultra long-range SKAA transmitter/receiver pair from Wet Sounds USA
  • Pack includes 2 weatherproof/waterproof units
  • Each unit has an integrated rechargeable battery
  • Each unit can be set to be either a SKAA transmitter or a SKAA receiver
  • Velcro these to a pair of powered speakers (eg. JBL, EV, QSC, Mackie, Alto) to convert them into SKAA wireless speakers
  • In receive mode, compatible with all SKAA and SKAA Pro transmitters and microphones
  • In transmit mode, supply both units with audio via an audio Y cable and service 8 x SKAA receivers/speakers for a massive party
  • Sleek design and built tough for life outdoors / on the water

Part# WS5501/A0543


    • With 1 unit set as transmitter and 4 units set as receivers, connect 5 boat / UTV stereos together for huge sound
    • 2 x windshield mounts are included to enable max range
    • Mounted high and vertical with the windshield mount, these units deliver greater than 100-meter range on open water and 50-meter range on land
    • Micro USB charging
    • 8 hours battery life from a full charge
    • 3.5 mm female audio input connector (on each unit)
    • 3.5 mm female audio output connector (on each unit)
    • Compatible with all SKAA devices running SKAA OS 2.1 or newer
    • Included in Package:
      • 2 x  A Link Plus transmit/receive units
      • 1 x  3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cables
      • 1 x  3.5 mm male to dual 3.5 mm female audio Y cable
      • 1 x  Type A USB to dual micro USB charging Y cable


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    • For more information on Wet Sounds, click here

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