What is SKAA?

SKAA® is wireless tech which lets you share your audio anywhere.  We think that wireless audio needs to be ultra easy and ultra flexible.  We’re sure you've got dozens or even hundreds of ways you’d like to enjoy your audio, and we take it as a personal challenge that our SKAA products elegantly handle every crazy-ass use case you can come up with.

We like Lego®.  Lego bricks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they all fit together to build whatever you can imagine.  Old bricks, new bricks, hundreds of shapes and colors—it doesn’t matter—they all fit together effortlessly.  SKAA products are just like that.

SKAAstore™ is here to provide your SKAA bricks.  Whether you’re playing music in a dorm room, at a beach, setting up your dream home theater, or performing live for people … we have what you need. 

So jump into the store, explore, find your bricks, and start building the wireless audio system you’ve been imagining.  We all love SKAA, and we bet you will, too.  
The days of having no choice but to suffer WiFi audio or Bluetooth audio are over!  SKAA has arrived.


There are two sides to SKAA technology. A transmit side and a... 


There are two sides to SKAA technology. A transmit side and a...