AW-WS Outdoor Speaker | Pair
AW-WS Outdoor Speaker | Pair
AW-WS Outdoor Speaker | Pair
AW-WS Outdoor Speaker | Pair
AW-WS Outdoor Speaker | Pair

AW-WS Outdoor Speaker | Pair

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The AW-WS are the latest addition to Atlantic Technology’s growing eco-system of inter-operable multi-room SKAA speakers and amps which can transmit robust, low-latency audio to these new speakers easily extending your multi-room music entertainment by up to 150 feet outdoors.  In addition, a wide variety of small, low-cost transmitters are available from that turn any analog or digital audio source into a SKAA transmitter, including iOS or Android mobile devices so you can go outdoors and control your streaming music entertainment from your mobile device. 

SKAA wireless capability creates great new uses for All Weather speakers because they’re easily transportable to any point in or around the house where there’s AC power.  Now users have the option of leaving them un-mounted and moving them when and where they want to bring the music to places you work, play or entertain.  Plus SKAA has a 1:4 play capability meaning you can transmit from a mobile device or relay from your indoor audio system to two stereo pairs of the AW-WS and fill an area with great Atlantic Technology sound.


  • Wireless active, powered outdoor speakers for fixed installations or transportable use.
  • Waterproof, rugged, sealed 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers
  • 4-inch, 5.5-inch, or 6.5-inch fiberglass woofer with 1″ titanium dome tweeter
  • The directed sound field produces excellent stereo sound quality
  • Easy “one-handed” installation with the included brackets
  • Use them on their own or as part of a wireless multi-room SKAA entertainment system syncing with compatible SKAA products from Atlantic Technology and others.
  • Play music from any analog or digital source with small, affordable plug-and-play SKAA wireless transmitters for analog, USB-A, USB-C, Mini-USB, iOS Lightning, digital TOSLINK, and Optical.

The AW-WS is a compact two-way model with new 4-inch high-performance super-stiff lightweight mineral homopolymer loaded fiberglass woofers that deliver tight articulate deep bass and clear mid-range while a 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled titanium tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet structure produces extended high-frequencies beyond audibility. The precision 12 dB/octave second-order crossover delivers a smooth response and outstanding sound quality with high 90 dB efficiency.

The drivers are mounted in an acoustically inert, heavily reinforced enclosure made from mineral-filled polypropylene. This is a far more neutral, less “ringy” material than is typically used with conventional outdoor speakers, and it contributes to the All Weather Speakers' amazingly musical sound.

All the component parts of the Atlantic Technology All-Weather speakers have been designed for maximum durability under harsh environmental conditions: with UV and impact resistant cabinets, aluminum powder-coated grilles, adjustable mounting brackets designed for fast, easy “one-handed” installation. Plus the enclosure exterior, removable grille, and bracket can be spray painted if desired to better match the speaker's surroundings.














Frequency Response

65 Hz-20 kHz ±2dB

50 Hz-20 kHz ±2dB

45 Hz-20 kHz ±2dB

Nominal Impedance




Crossover Frequency

3 kHz, 2nd order

3 kHz, 2nd order

3 kHz, 2nd order


90 dB

90 dB

90 dB

Recommended Amplifier Power

30 watts

50 watts

65 watts


6 x 8.25 x 5.5 inch

155 x 210 x 140mm

7.25 x 11.25 x 5.875 inch

183 x 285 x 175mm

8.63 x 13.125 x 7.28 inch

220 x 335 x 185mm

Weight (each)

12.8 lbs. / 5.8 kg

15.8 lbs. / 7.8 kg

18 lbs. / 8.2 kg

Threaded Inserts

Bracket Knob - ¼ x 20

Rear Insert - 6 mm



  • For more information on Atlantic Technology, click here
  • Download the product manual here

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