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1/4" TS to RCA Mono Audio Cable

1/4" TS to RCA Mono Audio Cable

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  • Mono analog audio cables
  • 1/4" TS connections on one end, RCA Mono connections on the other end
  • Digiflex Tour Series - Used by professional musicians
  • Shielded for protection from EMI noise
  • Use a pair of these cables with most DJ Decks for two-channel audio 
  • Use a single cable for one channel of audio 
  • Use with Dani SKAA Pro Transmitter
  • Example: use the pair of cables to connect into two RCA inputs in your DJ deck, use the 1/4" TRS connections to plug into Dani
  • Made in Canada by Digiflex 
3' Part# NPR-3 - PK0073/A0478
6' Part# NPR-6 - PK0074/A0479


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