NOTICE: if you own Diz SKAA transmitters that are incompatible with Apple iOS 11, Contact us to take advantage of our trade in program or visit TLC for more information (offer is available until Feb 28, 2018).

Guitar Cable



  • Guitar Cable for use with Akiko SKAA transmitter
  • Works with most acoustic guitars with built-in piezo pickup
  • 3.5 mm TRS male to 1/4" TS male
  • Neither this Guitar Cable nor Akiko is intended for use with electric guitars "if you've got an electric guitar, get yourself an iRig (or iRig2), a Diz (or Izabella) SKAA transmitter and download AmpKit+ or similar app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Example: Strap on your acoustic guitar, plug the 1/4" end into your guitar; plug the 3.5 mm end into Akiko's input; plug Akiko's USB end into a Battery Power Source and pop it into your hip pocket & turn on your SKAA speakers, drop your hat on the sidewalk and busk like crazy!
  • Length = 50 cm (1.5 feet)