NOTICE: if you own Diz SKAA transmitters that are incompatible with Apple iOS 11, Contact us to take advantage of our trade in program or visit TLC for more information (offer is available until Feb 28, 2018).

Dillinger Helix (pre-order now for shipping before February 28)



  • High-quality SKAA wireless headphones —if these are not the best sounding wireless headphones you’ve ever owned, return them for your money back with no questions asked
  • Built for Dillinger Labs by top Japanese brand Audio Technica in Audio Technica’s factory
  • Adjustable headband for listener comfort
  • Great for long listening sessions such as flights and commutes
  • High-quality ear cups effectively keep out external noise
  • Stunning black and red design
  • Volume control +/- buttons
  • Track control:  Play/Pause button
  • SKAA Bond Button and Indicator
  • Use up to 4 SKAA receivers (any combination of Helix headphones and any  other SKAA receivers) at the same time with any one SKAA transmitter
  • Works with SKAA Nadja hubs —for example listen to FM or Bluetooth or AUX audio from the Ryobi Score Primary speaker (available at Home Depot)
  • Remembers up to 10 of your favourite transmitters (and/or Nadja Hubs)
  • No pairing —instead use Bond Button for easy transmitter selection
  • 25 meter indoor range when used with Ursula, Akiko, Talisa transmitters as well as Nadja Hub sources
  • 15 meter indoor range when used with Izabella, Diz, Gemma transmitters
  • Low latency —great for watching movies, TV, playing games and even playing musical instruments (eg. Using apps such as GarageBand or AmpKit+)
  • Typical 10 hour battery life
  • Automatically powers off when not in use to save battery
  • Charge from any USB port (Type A)
  • Includes USB type A to micro USB cable
  • Includes universal charge adapter (wall power adapter for charging Helix’s batteries)
  • Works with SKAA cmd (optional app) when used with Ursula, Diz, Izabella or Gemma transmitters
  • Ships with SKAA OS 2.4 —works with all transmitters running SKAA OS 2.1 or newer (if you’re not sure what version you have, go to TLC, send us a note and just ask)
  • Free shipping